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We are Business Professionals with extensive experience applying technologies in organizations like yours.  We blend sound sensible technical direction together with best practices. You can expect more practical, more dependable, cost sensible solutions your business can count on.  By selecting business driven technologies for your organization and coordinating implementation with your staff, we get consistent results. A lower total cost of ownership, and better fit more robust technology.  We have a 10-year relationship with more than 40% of our client base, it is all about trust.  We want your business. Please contact us to report your technology issues and discuss your technology direction.


Over the last 25 years, our focus has been implementing technologies in professional offices and organizations located in Central Jersey. Dentists, Medical Specialties, Physicians, Accountants, Lawyers, Builders, Manufacturing, Merchandising, Architects, Health Clubs, Sole Proprietors, Financial Planners, Insurance Agents etc... You get the picture. Any business who depends on automated technologies and the internet daily.


Our strengths? Assisting your business leveraging technology to its advantage, increasing productivity. Insuring your existing technologies function at expected levels while effectively blending new technologies for increased effectiveness. We provide practical solutions consistent with business budget, size and scope. We assist our clients with project management, installing the technologies we recommend.   Always coordinating new technologies, with your staff, to insure our results match your requirements. In an era of digital disruption, data protection, security and contingency planning are foremost in every technology plan. Information is the lifeblood of every business, we need to protect it.


Powerful and flexible solutions from Monmouth-Ocean Technologies, Inc. deliver exactly the reliability and performance your business calls for. While you stay focused on the bottom line, allow us to focus on your technology. Need assistance with your technology projects? Please contact us, initial consults without charge. By phone 732.266.5200 or email info@monoctech.com.

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